Kakke og DeMonica

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The colaboration started at the end of 2008.
The first gig took place April 30. 2009 in Trondheim, Norway. 8 songs was performed, obscured by the discharge from a fogger out of control.


The first ep was launched april 2011, and the debut album was released 2012.

This video of the song Coo Coo Computer is filmed in Trondheim, June 6. 2009 at the "Music party" arrangement. Filmed by "OndeOrm and it is to be found on Youtube.


Kakke og DeMonicas' debut cd was an ep containing "Greetings", "Losing Time", "Defiance", "Psykoterror" and "BjørnIt was recorded in 2010 in Trondheim (Nautulus Studio). TRYNE was mixed and masterd by Kramer.



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